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AMERINDAmerican Indian
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Related to this Borean language family are Eurasiatic, Afroasiatic, SinoCaucasian, Austric, and Amerind roots that form the basic languages of the Borean language family.
"no Amerind tribe was ever described in worse terms or exterminated with greater relish or sense of justification" (Fehrenbach 1968, p.
So ends a promising marketing partnership started back in 2002 when Brown & Brown's Seattle office approached Amerind about selling and distributing Santa Ana Pueblo, N.M.-based Amerind Risk Management Corp.'s Tribal Employee Injury Protection Program (TEIP).
The participants met again, in October 2007 at the Amerind Foundation, where the essays that make up Questioning Collapse were presented.
--2010 'Omaha skewing in Australia and New Guinea: Diachronic hypotheses', paper presented to the Crow-Omaha seminar, Amerind Center, Arizona, February (forthcoming in P Whiteley and T Trautmann (eds), Crow and Omaha Kinship Systems, University of Arizona Press, Tucson).
Such reversals are unusual in Indo-European languages, but are common in Asian and Amerind languages.
Amerind Risk Management Corp., domiciled with the Pueblo of Santa Ana tribe, fulfilled an insurance need that tribal housing authorities faced.