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Johanna Narten (Die Amesa Spentas im Avesta [Wiesbaden 1982], 66) concluded from Yasna 30,9 and 31,4 mazdas ca ahuranho "Mazdah and the [other] ahura-s" that as an old formula it may indicate that Ahura Mazdah played a role already before Zarathustra.
wi-tribe aims to deliver instant wireless broadband connectivity from North Africa across the Middle East and up to Asia (AMESA region).
"Mixing Pop and Politics: the Role of Rai in Algerian Political Discourse." Presented at the AMESA Conference, Macqurie University, 1995.
On the Zoroastrian system that identifies the Wise Lord's six original material creations with the divine beings known as "Beneficent Immortals" (Amesa Spentas), see two articles of Herman Lommel that are conveniently collected in Zarathnstra, ed.
A 30-port smoking machine (AMESA Technologies, Geneva, Switzerland) generated smoke from 2R4F filtered research cigarettes (University of Kentucky).
Testy Amesa wykonane na Salmonella typhimurium (z aktywacja enzymow mikrosomalnych watroby szczura i bez aktywacji) nie wykazaly mutagennego dzialania TCEP [7].
The Potters havea lready chiselled outa pairo f draws ath ome against Arsenal(0-0)and ManCity (1-1) but theyl ost fiveo f their six awayg amesa gainst teams thatf inished int het ops ixl ast seasona nd could experiencea heavy defeat att heh andso f the leaguel eaders .