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AMETAutoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (Dominican Republic)
AMETAfrica, Middle East, Turkey
AMETAir Medical Evacuation Team (various locations)
AMETAssociation of Mathematics Education Teachers (Birmingham, UK)
AMETAfrica-Middle East Theater
AMETAssociation for Migrant Educators of Texas (Dallas, TX)
AMETAccumulated Mission Elapsed Time
AMETAdvanced Man Portable Extreme High-Frequency Terminal (US DoD)
AMETAgency Mission Essential Tasks (US DoD)
AMETAutomatic Meteorological System
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Amet said she was interviewed by a representative from Fox as part of its investigation, as well as someone from the American Museum of Natural History, where Tyson directs the Hayden Planetarium.
He acknowledged that he had a short relationship with Amet in the 1980s, but rejected her allegation of assault.
Amet said on Sunday morning large areas of Asturias, Castille and Leon and Cantabria would be affected, with north-eastern areas hit in the afternoon.
Amet, on the other hand, said his quiches carry French and Filipino influences.
Chilling CCTV captured Altun and Amet leave the nightclub with the 19-year-old, before taking her to their car during the early hours of Friday April 13.
He said he was looking for an AMET graduate, with some experience and plenty of enthusiasm, who was willing to be guided by other people and had a brilliant idea for a viable business model.
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The summit between representatives from local authorities and the Assembly Government comes amid a fresh wave of school closures and follows aMet Office report thatWales is experiencing its second coldest start to a year since records began.
Although HAMET had been in effect since 1984, the MHLW reformed this exemption to develop a more comprehensive system, now known as just the Advanced Medical Technology Exemption (AMET), and is trying to make this AMET more encompassing for a wider range of products and services to a larger number of institutions, but progress has been slow and the practice is still quite restrictive for now.
AMet office spokesman said heavy snow would dissipate over 24 hours - but warned parts of Scotland could expect strong winds and heavy rain.