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AMETAutoridad Metropolitana de Transporte (Dominican Republic)
AMETAfrica, Middle East, Turkey
AMETAir Medical Evacuation Team (various locations)
AMETAssociation of Mathematics Education Teachers (Birmingham, UK)
AMETAfrica-Middle East Theater
AMETAssociation for Migrant Educators of Texas (Dallas, TX)
AMETAccumulated Mission Elapsed Time
AMETAdvanced Man Portable Extreme High-Frequency Terminal (US DoD)
AMETAgency Mission Essential Tasks (US DoD)
AMETAutomatic Meteorological System
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He said he was looking for an AMET graduate, with some experience and plenty of enthusiasm, who was willing to be guided by other people and had a brilliant idea for a viable business model.
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Complicating the situation is that the MHLW may appeal the district court's ruling to a higher court, as regulators still are very defensive toward mixed billing; however, the MHLW may become more flexible with mixed billing due to the AMET and new allocation of reimbursement.
Earning her 'chops' with the likes of Irie Jane, One Nation, World Tribe and Dogon Sirius, the amazing Amet has performed everywhere from St, Petersburg, Florida (the Seminole Tribe's 'Discover Native America Powwow') to the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and San Francisco's 'Reggae in the Park'.
Young, Dragoi Sorin, Mario Delic, Aleksandar Jankovic; editors, Jey Duplass, Panov; music, Skender Amet, Vlatko Stefanovski.
Others are Emmanuel El Haj and Amos Juma (Eastern Equatoria), Mario Kuol Amet and Margret Akon Isaiah (Warrap), Peter Mayom Pur and Simon Gony Chuol (Upper Nile), Jerom Barikwa Tom and Ferious Tio Abdelsisi (Western Equatoria), Mier Banguot Najang and Badia Maker Bol (Unity), Meshack Ajang Alaak and Isaac Kuac Duoth (Jonglei), Kot Kuocnin Kueth and George Efnis Dudia (Lakes), Salva Guot Guot and Angelo Machar Akec (Northern Bahr el Ghazal) and Arkangelo Wudo Angany and Lino Juma (Western Bahr el Ghazal).
Aihanand Amet Ceribasi, aged six and eight, were the subject of a nationwide alert after they vanished in the north-western city of Orestiada on May 28.
Backed by the formidable Light House Band, Amet takes us on a musical meander through Langston Hughes, Marcus Garvey and the Hermetic teachings--it's an unforgettable journey.
Amet Amet Kuol, the chairperson for Peace and Reconciliation committee said on Monday they are not in the parliament for the sake of honorable titles but for real business and that they do not joke around with the plight of the electorates.