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AMETAAustralian Meteorological Association
AMETAUnited States Army Management Engineering Training Agency
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Bulgariaas Commission for Protection of Competition has received a request envisaging the acquisition of joint control of the holding by the German company and the sole owner of Ameta Holding, Bulgarian American Foods, according to reports of 24 Hours daily.
Ameta, Mohanlal Sukhadia University Table 1--typical physical and chemical characteristics of unfractionated bentonite clay Parameter Average values (based on five individual measurements) Moisture @ 105[degrees]C by 10.14 infrared moisture balance pH @ 25[degrees]C, 5% aqueous solution 9.04 Nitrogen surface area, [m.sup.2]/g 76.60 Specific gravity @ 26[degrees]C 2.18 325 mesh (45 gym) sieve residue (%) <0.50 Cation exchange capacity, CEC (meq/ 59.0 100 g of sample) Concentration of elements using energy dispersive x-ray spectrophotometer, EDS (Weight, %): Sodium (Na) 0.88 Calcium (Ca) 0.29 Aluminum (AI) 8.33 Silicon (Si) 14.84 Potassium (K) 0.16 Magnesium (Mg) 0.36 Iron (Fe) 4.78 Titanium (Ti) 0.89 Carbon (C) 3.31 Oxygen (O) 66.17 Table 2--compound formulations Material [N5.
Ameta Bandhan, ambulance officer, said: "A member of the public had pulled the driver from the vehicle.
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Ameta Bandhan, of West Midlands Ambulance Service, said: "A man, aged 86, was taken to City Hospital with severe difficulty in breathing."
Ambulance incident support officer Ameta Bandhan said: "The two men, who we believe to be in their 20s, were out of the property when I arrived.
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