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Elizabeth Story Donno points up formal linkages between "Thyrsis and Dorinda," "Clorinda and Damon," "Ametas and Thestylis," and "The Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure" and prints them together at the opening of her chronologically ordered and widely-used Penguin edition.
The two other pastoral dialogues, "Clorinda and Damon" and "Ametas and Thestylis," may be early; but there are some fragments of internal evidence--none of them very strong--for tentatively dating them, as Smith does, to the Nun Appleton period of c.
Among those that seem to have been so composed are "A Dialogue, Between the Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure," "Chlorinda and Damon," "Ametas and Thestylis Making Hay-Ropes," "A Dialogue between Thyrsis and Dorinda," and, of course, the two pastoral songs written for the Cromwell-Fauconberg wedding.
The ninth chapter, Stephen Guy-Bray's "Andrew Marvell and Sexual Difference," offers highly intelligent and precise close readings of the form--especially the rhyme schemes, the coupling schemes--of two of Marlowe's poems, "The Definition of love" and "Ametas and Thestylis Making Hay-Ropes." What seems an almost obligatory contextual challenge through the work of such scholars as David Halperin and Alan Bray could have a place here, but the particular use to which they are put in the opening paragraphs seems more a distraction (if not a detraction) from Guy-Bray's rather nuanced readings.
(4) In making this suggestion, Leishman had been preempted by Moore-Smith, who suggested in a foomote to his review of Legouis's Andre Marvell that the pastoral dialogues, with the addition of both "A Dialogue between the Resolved Soul and Created Pleasure" and probably "Ametas and Thestylis" and "Music's Empire," as well as the two Fauconberg-Cromwell marriage songs, had been written for musical setting (Moore-Smith 79 n.
No one who has read The Last Instructions or a supposedly earlier lyric like "Ametas and Thestylis making Hayropes" can fail to see Marvell and Rochester as distinct talents operating in opposed or dissociated spheres.