AMEVApplied Molecular Evolution, Inc. (stock symbol)
AMEVArmored Medical Evacuation Vehicle
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Cooperation between Malaga and AMEV city members was based on projects carried out by the Andalusian city between 2000 and 2006 as part of Interreg Community Initiative IIA Spain-Morocco.
The basis is the AMEV, Maintenance 2014 (maintenance, inspection, repair of technical equipment and facilities in public buildings).
Scope and frequency of performance according to DIN EN 50172, DIN EN 1838, according to AMEV maintenance 2014 as well as the system manufacturer including a test book - search and signaling systems Yearly maintenance of the disabled emergency call system in the 4-year limitation period of the warranty claims Maintenance and maintenance as described in the list of performance search and signaling systems.
1 800 Software; Zustzlich Einhaltung BACnet Standard AMEV Profil A, BTL Listing 13 Gaswarnanlagen.
The lighting is performed in accordance with DIN EN 12464, AMEV Lighting 2011 AMEV LED 2013, and the applicable workplace regulations.
AMEV recommendations (Working Group machinery and electrical state and municipal administrations on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB)) to be used as a basis for planning.
The Contractor shall comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and safety provisions in the respective valid versions and to ensure it is made in particular to: school policy, DIN 58125, workplace regulations, accident prevention regulations (GUV), DIN 18040, EnEV, EEWrmeG, AMEV, DIN EN 12464, DIN 5035, DIN 4109, DIN 18041, DIN EN 13779 and 15251, DIN 18034 noted.
Maintenance and inspection of the telecommunications system of the Technical University of Berlin (NEC Philips Sopho) in different buildings, according AMEV Treaty, with daily, weekly and semi-annual work and work as needed.