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AMEXAmerican Express Company
AMEXAmerican Stock Exchange
AMeXAcetone-Methyl Benzoate-Xylene
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The court ruled that AMEX did not meet its burden of "persuading the court that the Service's decision was an abuse of discretion or clearly unlawful.
The AMEX Letter also indicated that the Company should submit to AMEX a plan as to the action the Company has taken, or will take, to bring itself into compliance with the AMEX provisions noted above (the "Compliance Plan").
AMEX has tighter regulations on financial disclosures than Nasdaq, so a listing on AMEX sends a message to potential stockholders that the firm has met those requirements.
Beta has advised the AMEX that Beta wishes to avail itself of the procedures under the AMEX rules to meet with appropriate officers of the AMEX to present its reasons why Beta believes its securities should not be removed from listing.
At the time the merger is closed, the post-transaction entity must meet the AMEX initial listing standards pursuant to Section 341 of the AMEX Company Guide.
SIAC is responsible for providing the highest quality, most reliable and cost-effective systems to support the current and future business needs of the NYSE Group and AMEX.
Matritech previously announced that it had been informed that it was not in compliance with AMEX's continued listing standards and was afforded the opportunity to submit a plan of compliance to the AMEX by October 23, 2006.