AMFBAbout My Father's Business
AMFBArab-Malaysian Finance Bhd. (stock symbol; Malaysia)
AMFBAs Made Famous By
AMFBAcquisition Management Functional Board (US DoD DAU (Defense Acquisition University))
AMFBAlfred Murrah Federal Building
AMFBAmerican Mensa Facebook Group
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TPS cards and payment switch provides a cost effective, fast and reliable alternate to AMFB for establishing a nationwide distribution network and allow the bank's customers to conveniently access their accounts without going to conventional bank branches.
To establish the diagnosis of the male AMFB in our case, a variety of benign and malignant myxoid soft-tissue neoplasms needed to be ruled out.
Aggressive angiomyxoma and AMFB have been established as unusual angiomyxoid neoplasms of the female vulvovaginal tract that constitute distinct clinical and pathologic entities.
The histologic features of AMFB vary considerably among the cases characterized by alternative hypocellular and hypercellular areas, showing considerable variation in cellular morphology and displaying spindle, satellite, oval or epithelioid cells, and occasional polymorphic cells, as shown in the present case.
However, much controversy exists among recent reports regarding the immunophenotypes of AMFB and AAM.