AMFESArmy and Marine Forces Evaluation System
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There is very little data on ENL in co-infected patients, The AMFES study reported a higher risk of ENL reactions (RR 5-2, 95% CI 1-7-15-9) but only 3 patients were affected.
Factors associated with impairments in new leprosy patients: the AMFES cohort.
Dynamics of impairment during and after treatment: the AMFES cohort.
3) The AMFES cohort included 141 individuals with NFI at the time of enrolment which had been present for longer than 6 months and so were not treated with steroids.
This study also shows the importance of cohort studies since these patients first made their appearance in Leprosy Review in 2000 when the findings of the AMFES cohort which was set up to look at the potential problem of microbiological relapse in patients treated with WHO-Multi-drug therapy were published.