AMFRAutocrine Motility Factor Receptor
AMFRAmplitude-Modulation Following Response (hearing test)
AMFRAdvanced Multi-Frequency Radar
AMFRAdvanced Medical First Responder (Canada)
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Large Medium Small Zenith systems sized pointing NCAR S-Pol ARM X/Ka University ARM Ka- of Iowa X- band Pol zenith radar (KaZR) [Millimeter Wave Cloud Radar (MMCR)] CSU-CHILL ARM Ka/W OU PX-1000 W-band ARM Cloud Radar (WACR) NASA N-Pol NASA D3R CASA Earth (Ku/Ka) Integrated System Project 1 Research (IP-1) Laboratory (ESRL) W band UMass ESRL S band Advanced Multi/ Frequency Radar (AMFR) (Ku/Ka/W) ARM C band MIT-LL C band Long range: Short- Short Profiling: precipitation, long range: clouds, clear air range: precipitation, precipitation, clouds, networks microphysics precipitation TABLE 4.
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In addition, apigenin treatment has an influence on the genes involved in metabolism (SLC27A3, P4HB and GLDC), DNA-dependent regulation of transcription (OVOL1 and OTP), cell signal transduction (ECT2, MAPK1IP1L, BMPR1A and AMFR), cell motility (AMFR), inflammatory response (CCR2) and other biological processes (HIP1R, ZDHHC2, NUP35 and SLC10A2).