AMFTAssociation for Marriage and Family Therapy
AMFTApplication Market Forecast Tool (software)
AMFTAdolescent Mediation and Family Therapy (various organizations)
AMFTAssociation Méditerranéenne France Turquie (French: France-Turkey Mediterranean Association)
AMFTAutomated Movement Flow Tracking (software; US Army)
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For example, Ford noted that a product, research or sales manager at a semiconductor company can readily use the AMFT to quickly extract the data on relative growth opportunities in a particular market segment by semiconductor type to better direct product development, rationalize investment decisions or better target sales efforts.
Similarly, a strategic planning manager at an EMS company or semiconductor industry support or service company could use the AMFT to anticipate future market conditions that would impact their ongoing businesses," Ford noted.
The agreement stipulates that GEC Alsthom would take possession of AMFT upon acceptance by the AMFT employees of the necessary arrangements that would secure AMFT's viability.
The agreement with GEC Alsthom would allow CN to transfer its AMFT operations to GEC Alsthom rather than the joint venture previously announced by both companies.
These special charges in continuing operations combined with a special provision of $80 million for CN's AMFT Montreal locomotive shop produced a full year 1995 net loss of $1,085 million, or $13.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- During a meeting today between senior executive officers of CN and the CAW, the subject of AMFT was discussed.