AMGIAmerican Mold Guard, Inc. (Tustin, CA)
AMGIArea Median Gross Income (low housing tax credit units tenancy)
AMGIAdvanced Marketing Group Inc. (Austin, TX)
AMGIAgencia Mutua para la Garantía de las Inversiones
AMGIAlaska Mountain Guides International, Inc. (est. 1992; Haines, AK)
AMGIAdvanced Missions Group International (intelligence and security firm)
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3q) In the case of a low-income housing project for which the 15% of the low-income units are occupied by individuals whose income is 40% or less of AMGI and an irrevocable election is made, this threshold is increased to 170%, but the income limitation for a new resident occupying a unit of comparable or smaller size cannot exceed 40% of AMGI.
In New York City there is an exemption which allows owners to set aside 25% of the units to tenants with no more than 60% of AMGI.
These tests require reserving a minimum of either (1) 20% of the units for residents whose income does not exceed 50% of AMGI or (2) 40% of the units for residents whose income does not exceed 60% of AMGI.
91% of its units to occupancy by individuals or families with incomes 60% or less of AMGI.
3 Under the 20/50 set-aside, at least 20 percent of the units in the project must be designated for households with a maximum income and rent restriction at 50 percent of AMGI.