AMGTAdenoviral Mediated Gene Transfer
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In 1982, a Muslim Brotherhood group including AMGT member Fazil uveyce came to Turkey to meet with Erbakan: "They said that they were about to start a Muslim Brotherhood revolt in Syria and they asked Erbakan Hoca for support." Karamollaoglu recounted that Erbakan had addressed the question of an armed uprising as follows: "By no means attempt such a thing.
Grup 1 ciplak sklera yontemi sonrasi, grup 2 LKOT sonrasi ve grup 3 AMGT sonrasi gelisen nuks pterjiyum olgulariydi.
Five voucher specimens (three males and two females) were deposited at the AMGT (specimen numbers: 59483, 59484, 59485, 59486 and 59487) and five (two males and three females) in the SANC (series numbers: COLS12360 and COLS12361).