AMHBAlaska Mental Health Board
AMHBAmerican Motel Hotel Brokers' Network
AMHBAmway Malaysia Holdings Berhad
AMHBAerobic Mesophilic Heterotrophic Bacteria
AMHBAssociation of Masters of Harriers and Beagles (est. 1891; Gloucestershire, England, UK)
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The line between what we think of as them and us is blurred at best," explained Walter Majoros, executive director of the AMHB.
According to the AMHB report, mental illness accounts for nearly one-sixth of all the years of life lost to disease, more than all cancers combined.
The AMHB is contributing up to $450,000 over a five-year term to Ham's Mental Health Traineeship Program to increase traineeship capacity in Alberta by 50 per cent or about 15 additional trainees.