AMHMAvon Mental Health Measure
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Finalmente, la SACM ha informado que, como resultado de las declaraciones del presidente de la AMHM, algunos hoteleros han suspendido los pagos de derechos de autor.
Sin duda, la anterior no es una simple pugna entre la SACM y la AMHM, sino una defensa de intereses generales contra intereses particulares.
The AMHM is currently fighting the tax through legal appeals.
The industry could lose about US$810 million because of the US measure, said AMHM president Rafael Armendariz.
CANIRAC and AMHM representatives said this could present a problem, as states like Chiapas and Yucatan have traditionally supplemented their state coffers by selling special permits to merchants that would allow them to sell alcoholic beverages on election day.
Taking into account [Elizondo's] former experience as chair of the tourism committee (Comision de Turismo) in the Chamber of Deputies, this is a positive development," said AMHM president Miguel Torruco Marques.
AMHM president Miguel Torruco Marques said the industry estimates losses could mount to US$750 million this year if activity does not pick up.