AMHPApproved Mental Health Professional (UK)
AMHPAmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan
AMHPAuthorised Mental Health Practitioner (Australia)
AMHPAnokhi Museum of Hand Printing (India)
AMHPAllied Mental Health Professional
AMHPAmerican Maritime History Project, Inc. (Kings Point, NY)
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There have been 2,309 AMHP assessments in Caerphilly over the past 10 years, according to the report, meaning it remains "consistently high compared with some neighbouring local authorities".
The report recommends the market supplement be applied to staff employed to undertake the functions of an AMHP, adding that there are "continuing risks to the service in light of the continuing low response to advertised vacancies resulting in key positions unfilled".
The document also states: "The low number of qualified AMHPs currently employed is having a clear impact on the capacity and sustainability on the way in which the authority is able to discharge its statutory responsibility in responding to the need for Mental Health Act assessments.
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