AMHPSAssociation of Minority Health Professions Schools, Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
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The nine AMHPS institutions were grouped into a health professions' subset of HBCUs.
Twenty-two questionnaires were internal to MSM, thirty-six were received from "other" Historically Black Colleges and Universities and six were from the AMHPS institutions.
These clusters represent 64 individual respondents and 42 institutions: (a) Minority Institutions (N=36), institutions/respondents that are not a part of AMHPS or Morehouse School of Medicine; (b) Morehouse School of Medicine (N=22) all MSM respondents; and (c) Minority Health Professions Schools (N=6) AMHPS institutions include: Morehouse School of Medicine, Howard University, Meharry Medical College, Xavier University of Louisiana, Florida A&M University, Hampton University, Texas Southern University, Charles R.