AMHRAmerican Miniature Horse Registry
AMHRAmbrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum (Latin: Magick Nectar of the Rose Garden; Gnostic church confederation)
AMHRApplied Mental Health Research
AMHRAdult Mental Health Rehabilitation (New Jersey)
AMHRAdvanced Mental Health Response (law enforcement)
AMHRAmerican Morgan Horse Registry
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I would like to thank the AMHR shareholders for their loyalty during the long and detailed process of identifying and closing an acquisition that should bring lasting value.
Upon review of the HAPS USA unaudited fourth quarter results, Mark Buck, the CEO of AMHR, went on to say, "We are very pleased with the continuing growth and strength of HAPS' gaming operations and look forward to the release of consolidated numbers later this spring.
AMHR is completing the final details of its 10KSB filing for the year ended December 31, 2004 and anticipates releasing it shortly.
Mark Buck, AMHR CEO said, "It has been a rewarding experience to work with the HAPS USA team to finalize this acquisition.
The Board of Directors expects that AMHR will continue to issue subsequent Series 'D' Preferred Stock as a reward for each future acquisition in our consolidation campaign.
AMHR is clearing its books of old business and undertaking Quasi-Reorganization in order to facilitate a smooth transition.
A recent AMHR press release detailed the signing of a letter of intent to acquire one of California's largest closed door pharmacies.
AMHR CEO, Mark Buck, said, "Electronic gaming is prominent in the daily lives of more than 25% of Japan's population.
Christopher Wheeler, the founder and CEO of American Hospital Resources, said, "Listing on the Berlin Exchange will make it easier for investors in Europe to become shareholders of AMHR and should provide substantially improved liquidity in our common stock overall.
I am thrilled to be a part of the process by bringing my experience to AMHR.
Based on this level of business, AMHR expects Company-wide revenues for 2003 to increase to approximately $5,600,000, or a 36% increase over 2002.