AMHRAmerican Miniature Horse Registry
AMHRAmerican Morgan Horse Registry
AMHRAdvanced Mental Health Response (law enforcement)
AMHRAmbrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum (Latin: Magick Nectar of the Rose Garden; Gnostic church confederation)
AMHRApplied Mental Health Research
AMHRAdult Mental Health Rehabilitation (New Jersey)
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Casi todos los clientes los adquieren para convertirlos en la mascota de la casa de campo (Braun, cuyos ejemplares estan registrados en la AMHR, no los vende a quienes pretenden confinarlos al jardin de una residencia).
Upon completion of the school, sworn law enforcement graduates earn department certification as advanced mental health response (AMHR) officers.
"Seeing Themselves at Work: Physicians and the Case Narrative in the Mid-Nineteenth[-]Century South." AmHR, 101 (February 1996), 41-79.
PAUL O'CONNELL has slammed the decision not to play Amhr.n na bhFiann at the Rugby World Cup in France.