AMIATAzienda Multiservizi Igiene Ambientale Torino SpA (Italian)
AMIATAssociate Member of the Institute of Asphalt Technology (UK)
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Implementing agency : IREN SpA (in nome e per conto di AMIAT SpA)
Porter and cleaning and hygiene techniques in the plant AMIAT TBD PA 4/14 .
Management service line-benches and disassembly type material WEEE 3 (TV, monitor), disassembly type material WEEE 2, cutting compressors and dismantling engines compressors from WEEE line 1, in the plant AMIAT TBD PA 17/14 .
Service-line management of banks and dismantling WEEE material type 3 (TV, Monitor), removing material type WEEE 2, cutting and removing the compressors compressors motors from WEEE line 1, in the establishment AMIAT TBD PA 17/14 - ( No measure of the CEO.
Service management of wastewater treatment plants in deposits AMIAT SpA Via and Via Gorini Germagnano 50 8 PA 15/14 - (Provision of the Chief Executive no.