AMIBAssociação de Medicina Intensiva Brasileira (Brazil)
AMIBAfrican Mission in Burundi
AMIBAllied Military Intelligence Battalion
AMIBAbteilung für Medizinische Informatik, Biometrie und Epidemiologie (German: Compartment of Medical Computer Sciences, Biometry and Epidemiology; department of the University of Bochum, Germany)
AMiBAssistenza Minori in Brasile
AMIBAl-Meezan Investment Bank (Pakistan)
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AU peacekeeper deployments began in May 2005 and reached 7,000 by the middle of 2006 double the number in AMIB.
consequence, in AMISOM as well as AMIB and AMIS, was that the lack of operational logistics capability altered the operational mission objectives.
25) For instance, when the AU mission to Somalia (AMISOM) was deployed, it was as if AMIB and the African Union Mission in the Sudan (AMIS) never existed.
The AMIB is authorized and deployed under the auspices of the AU, which mandates the following command and control structure:
The AMIB shall function under the overall direction of a Head of Mission who shall be the Special Representative of the Chairperson of the AU Commission.
The Head of Mission and the Force Commander of the AMIB are to provide the first report on progress towards the implementation of its mandate not later than three months after the establishment of the Mission; subsequently, they are to provide periodic reports.
We are confident of our growth strategy that is based on our core AMIB business and are looking forward to an improved second half for the year.
The basketball will be presented and the messages will be aired during AMIB on January 20, 2009.
Joining Rose on stage at the AMIB will be sports and entertainment celebrities including former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, Washington Redskins Jason Taylor (who will emcee the NFL segment), and actor/philanthropist Isaiah Washington.
AMIB, comprised of a "Legends Ball" and an "Urban Ball," is expected to draw 4,000 guests, including a diverse roster of celebrities, sports stars and VIPs.