AMICCAir and Marine Interdiction Coordination Center (US DHS; Riverside, CA)
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AMICC Optoelectronics has established a perfect quality management system, through the ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and TS16949 automotive quality management system certification.
For more information about Future Electronics and access to the world's largest available-to-sell inventory, including industry-leading products from AMICC, visit: www.
ee/ERN6 6XSL]; see also Douglas Dunbar, The Obama Administration's Evolving Policy Towards the International Criminal Court, AMICC.
Resolution adopted by the Assembly of the Minnesota State Bar Association, Minneapolis, Minnesota, AMICC.
In the course of a day, seven to eleven AMICC watch standers routinely select an average of 2,900 tracks (out of tens of thousands) for special, detailed examination.
Careful analysis and prompt information exchange with other governmental agencies and with private entities dears the vast majority of unusual tracks, but almost every day the AMICC initiates intercepts by Customs aircraft.
Fortunately, software tools in use at the AMICC and at other government agencies such as the National Security Agency and the National Reconnaissance Office have shown that the manning requirements for a full maritime watch can be quite small.