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AMICEAssociation of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe (Brussels, Belgium)
AMICEAssociate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers
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(69.) Perrin A, Caer E, Oliver-Bonet M, Navarro J, Benet J, Amice V, et al.
Associate Member: AMICE - open to scientific specialists closely allied to civil engineers.
Perhaps, to take an example on which some light can possibly be shed, the Normannus who was being revered by Pitcairne's enemies in late 1713 and Qui Lutheri semper, Qui nunc Solennia Papae Sacra facit, si quidcredis Amice mihi was the Lutheran Georg Ludwig of Hannover, soon to become heir-apparent to the British throne--but in that case, why on earth was Pitcairne accusing him of Popery when Georg Ludwig's hopes of succession depended entirely on his Protestantism?
In a letter to all 120 members of AMICE, the Association of Mutual Insurers and Insurance Cooperatives in Europe, the association's President Asmo Kalpala emphasised the importance for all insurers to participate in the current Quantitative Impact Study (QIS5).
In their arguments for and against extension of the privilege to accounting reports, amice curiae for Comcast addressed the major concern of an overbroad privilege that allows for protection of documents merely shuttled through corporate attorneys.
Father James wears the same habit and chasuble, along with an alb, an amice, and black shoes.
43,1: mi amice), but the text as it is transmitted in the Codex Palatinus Latinus 899 allows no definite identification (cf.
Et ego dico tibi, carissime amice: messis quidem multa est in populo christiano, sed non sunt in quibusdam locis messores.