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AMICIAssociazione Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche Intestinali (Italian: Association of Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
AMICIAssociation for the Memory of Italo-Canadian Immigrants (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)
AMICIAmerican Militaria Italian Collectors International (Italian military history organization)
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The second sort is of those, that engage courts in quarrels of jurisdiction, and are not truly amici curiae, but parasiti curiae, in puffing a court up beyond her bounds, for their own scraps and advantage.
Particularly in common law jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom (18) or Canada, (19) where courts may appoint amici curiae to gather and submit research, amicus activity constitutes a civil law moment-one in -which a court can gather facts without relying on the efforts of the disputing parties before it.
NGOs, often based in the developed world, (25) regularly offer input as amici in international proceedings.
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Fourth District opinions agreed with amici in three cases (11) and disagreed with amici in three others.
37) For example, in Prince's Case, (38) two amici alerted the court to a provision in the Act of Parliament which they thought helpful to the decision of the case.
11) Amicus briefs on the merits are due on the date on which the brief for the party that amici are supporting is due.
Highway) 138 has always been the death highway,'' said Robert Parris, the Amici family attorney.
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