AMICUAssociation of Mersey Intensive Care Units (UK)
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A thing has occurred to me which I am inclined to think will put me out of favour with the duke and duchess; but though I am sorry for it I do not care, for after all I must obey my calling rather than their pleasure, in accordance with the common saying, amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas.
Bar, with his little insinuating jury droop, and fingering his persuasive double eye-glass, hoped he might be excused if he mentioned to one of the greatest converters of the root of all evil into the root of all good, who had for a long time reflected a shining lustre on the annals even of our commercial country--if he mentioned, disinterestedly, and as, what we lawyers called in our pedantic way, amicus curiae, a fact that had come by accident within his knowledge.
Pickwick, my dear Sir, excuse me-- I shall be happy to receive any private suggestions of yours, as AMICUS CURIAE, but you must see the impropriety of your interfering with my conduct in this case, with such an AD CAPTANDUM argument as the offer of half a guinea.
Dr Aslam Khaki, who appeared as amicus curie in the said case before Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqi of IHC, said in India, the extremist Hindu organisations were demanding death sentence for changing religion from Hinduism to any other religion.
Court appointed four Amicus Curiae including Dr Mohsin Naqvi, Sahibzada Sajid-ur-Rehman, Mufti Hussain Banuri and Dr Hassan Madni.
In the merits amicus brief in these consolidated cases, reproduced here, the IADC argues that under the Federal Arbitration Act, arbitration agreements must be enforced according to their terms unless this enforcement mandate is overridden by a contrary congressional command, as set forth in CompuCredit Corp.
In advance of authorisation, Amicus will convert GBP30m of the debt currently used to fund its lending activities into equity, which it will use as capital for its banking operations.
During the appeal, the committee decided to file an amicus brief, or so-called "friends of the court" brief, to provide input to the court and clarify the duties of a CPA serving in the role of an independent trustee to a decedent's trust.
Amicus acquires Scioderm in a cash and stock transaction.
Amicus letters from the International Franchise Association, National Council of Chain Restaurants, and individual companies such as Jack in the Box, however, were able to demonstrate the industry's keen interest in having the court decide the issue now, rather than waiting for it to percolate through the intermediate appellate courts.
The amicus curiae strangely wanted the By Harish V.
The Amicus Solar Cooperative prides itself on only choosing the best technologies for our member-owners, said Stephen Irvin, President of Amicus.