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A thing has occurred to me which I am inclined to think will put me out of favour with the duke and duchess; but though I am sorry for it I do not care, for after all I must obey my calling rather than their pleasure, in accordance with the common saying, amicus Plato, sed magis amica veritas.
Bar, with his little insinuating jury droop, and fingering his persuasive double eye-glass, hoped he might be excused if he mentioned to one of the greatest converters of the root of all evil into the root of all good, who had for a long time reflected a shining lustre on the annals even of our commercial country--if he mentioned, disinterestedly, and as, what we lawyers called in our pedantic way, amicus curiae, a fact that had come by accident within his knowledge.
Pickwick, my dear Sir, excuse me-- I shall be happy to receive any private suggestions of yours, as AMICUS CURIAE, but you must see the impropriety of your interfering with my conduct in this case, with such an AD CAPTANDUM argument as the offer of half a guinea.
A live audio webcast of both presentations can be accessed via the Investors section of the Amicus Therapeutics corporate website at, and will be archived for 90 days.
An Amicus Curiae is a person who may not have been hired by a party in the case but is considered impartial to offer advice or information in a case.
Campbell, president and chief operating officer of Amicus Therapeutics, Inc.
Biologics technology company WuXi Biologics (2269.HK) and biotechnology company Amicus Therapeutics (Nasdaq:FOLD) revealed on Monday the launch of an exclusive commercial manufacturing partnership for Amicus' Pompe biologic ATB200 .
3, 2019, Tammy Belinsky and Daniel Breslau, on behalf of themselves and all known and unknown persons who are consulting with, providing counsel to and/or supporting Tree-Sitters 1 and 2, filed a motion for leave to participate in this action and file an amicus curiae brief in opposition to Mountain Valley Pipeline LLC's motion for a preliminary injunction against the Tree-Sitters.
Despite the socially beneficial theory underlying amicus briefing, however, the practice remains at times controversial, with now-retired Judge Richard Posner one of the highest-profile critics.
The alliance will combine Amicus' protein engineering and glycobiology expertise with Penn's adeno associated virus gene transfer technologies to develop AAV gene therapies designed for optimal cellular uptake, targeting, dosing, safety and manufacturability.
* On July 2, 2018, the IADC filed an amicus brief in Monsanto Co.
Under the terms of the agreement, Amicus will pay USD 100m in an upfront cash payment to acquire all of these assets.