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AMICUSAutomated Management Information Civil Users System
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For anti-state activities, the amicus curie suggested that the apostate should be dealt strictly in accordance with law, but for changing belief he should not be liable to death sentence since religion has no compulsion, he added.
Court has issued directives to provide the copy of petition and respective Documents to Amicus Curiae.
For information on the IADC's amicus brief program and to view past briefs, please visit the Amicus Briefs page on the IADC website.
Becoming a bank will ensure we have the resources to grow, adapt and evolve our proposition in the market over the coming years," commented Amicus chief executive John Jenkins.
Allowing private plaintiffs to leverage the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA) without first laying the factual and legal foundation for their claims and by pursuing discovery demands broader than their allegations violate these principles and would contribute to the growth of opportunistic qui tam lawsuits under PAGA," states the amicus brief.
The judgment to reverse was based in large part on CalCPA's amicus brief clarifying what the duties of a CPA serving as a trustee included and what they did not include.
Scioderm is focused on developing innovative therapies for treating diseases with high unmet need, have signed a definitive agreement under which Amicus will acquire 100% of the capital stock of Scioderm, Inc.
On the merits: The need to avoid overlap and repetition is as important among amicus merits briefs as it is between amicus briefs and the party brief it is supporting.
The Amicus Solar Cooperative prides itself on only choosing the best technologies for our member-owners, said Stephen Irvin, President of Amicus.
Following the amicus curiae's stinging criticism of the temple administration including the manner in which the auditors of the temple have conducted their work, the opposition has turned its guns on the Congress-led UDF government.
Scott replaces the previous amicus curiae assigned to investigate the 29 April allegations of contempt, Mr.
soliciting advice and inviting them to submit amicus briefs.