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AMIDAAutoantibody Mediated Identification of Antigens
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In our version of the Amida, the fifth and sixth benedictions also have such a double address.
Subsections with titles such as "Amida Buddha's Primal Vows," "Birth in the Pure Land," and "Awakening of True Entrusting," help the reader easily navigate through a myriad of teachers, countries, centuries, and translations, each with their unique style.
Across the compound to the West, the memorial hall (reimeiden [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) enshrines the Buddha of Immeasurable Light and Life, Amida nyorai [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (Amitabha or Amitayus).
When Shapur II besieged Amida on Tigris in 360 AD, he had the aid of Indian-elephants and of Kushan troops.
En general las AHLs estan compuestas por una cadena acil-grasa ligada a una homoserina lactonizada a traves de una union amida (Fuqua y Greenberg, 2002) (figura 1).
Both religions promised rebirth in paradise, one through the intercession of Amida Buddha, one through Jesus Christ.
In 1868 the Archbishop of Amida discovered a Syriac text of the commentary on John in a monastery near Mosul in what is now Iraq.
Essa amida e um composto lipofilico absorvida no intestino e rapidamente biotransformada no figado, pela demetilacao do seu grupamento metilenodioxido (BHAT & CHANDRASEKHARA, 1986).
(6) As late as the 6th century, Aetius of Amida, a Byzantine court physician, was (after 8 centuries) very likely still quoting directly from Herophilus' On Eyes, in accepting his eye ointments containing crocodile dung and hyena bile for blindness.
The second is to believe deeply in a most decided manner that the forty-eight vows of Amida Buddha are meant to take in all beings; and that therefore, having no doubt and unhesitatingly relying on the authoritative power of his vows, they are sure to be born in the Pure Land.