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AMIDEAmide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner
AMIDEAdvanced Multi-Media Information Dissemination Environment
AMIDEAssociation des Maires Ivoiriens Defenseurs des Enfants (French)
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As the amide content in the PrePEEAs increased, the chain extension time required under reduced pressure gradually decreased, which can be attributed to the increase in amide content in PrePEEAs leading to increases in interactions between short nylon-6 segments in the chains and the chain extenders, CBC and BPOX.
The 2015 Market Research Report on Global Polycarbonate (PC) Resin Industry Research Report provides key statistics on the market status of the Veterinary Polyether Block Amides manufacturers and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the industry.
1] were examined to differentiate absorbance peaks due to cellulose esterification from those indicative of triglyceride esters, carboxylic acids, and amide carbonyl groups (per the reaction of diacids in the presence of ammonium hydroxide (7)).
I n these cases a single chemical is used that has a ring structure and contains both of the chemical groups needed to produce the amide functionality.
The hydrogenation of amides to form amines and alcohols is a notoriously difficult chemical transformation.
Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) Albizia benth fatty amide (HEABOA) was first prepared as described above.
Calculations of the PDI of the rigid segments in the copolymer based on mixtures of uniform amide units were relatively easy to carry out, since the composition of the mixture of the three amide segments was known.
The polarized Raman spectra, shown here for the first time, are surprisingly different showing a broad amide I band, centred around 1664 [cm.
Although many substances can lower COF in polyolefin films, commonly used commercial slips are usually unsaturated, long-chain amides.
Busperse 47 dimethyl amide of an unsaturated fatty acid functions as a lubricant in extrusion processes and a pigment dispersant and viscosity depressant in many resins.
The brain of the Nemertodermatida (Platyhelminthes) as revealed by anti-5HT and anti-FMRF amide immunostainings.