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AMIDEAmide's a Medical Imaging Data Examiner
AMIDEAdvanced Multi-Media Information Dissemination Environment
AMIDEAssociation des Maires Ivoiriens Defenseurs des Enfants (French)
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The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape for Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH or Anandamide Amidohydrolase or EC 3.
Amide proton transfer imaging was based on a single-shot, turbo-spin-echo readout, with the following parameters: repetition time 3000 ms, turbo-spin-echo factor 54, field of view 230 mm x 220 mm, matrix 105 x 100; slice thickness 5 mm.
As the amide content in the PrePEEAs increased, the chain extension time required under reduced pressure gradually decreased, which can be attributed to the increase in amide content in PrePEEAs leading to increases in interactions between short nylon-6 segments in the chains and the chain extenders, CBC and BPOX.
This new amide production technology is hugely exciting, and ultimately, this will enable cheaper and simpler routes to market for many compounds.
1] were examined to differentiate absorbance peaks due to cellulose esterification from those indicative of triglyceride esters, carboxylic acids, and amide carbonyl groups (per the reaction of diacids in the presence of ammonium hydroxide (7)).
I n these cases a single chemical is used that has a ring structure and contains both of the chemical groups needed to produce the amide functionality.
In 24 hours, each molecule of the new catalyst system can achieve up to 7,600 amide hydrogenations under relatively mild conditions; the previous record was only about a hundred hydrogenations in 48 hours.
GreenSep Pyridyl Amide is a specialty SFC stationary phase that is strong in the areas of separation selectivity, peak shape and loading capacity.
This work thus seek to study the synthesis of polyetheramide produced by condensation polymerization of N- N- bis (2--hydroxyethyl) Albizia benth oil fatty amide [HEABOA] with Bisphenol--A.
Also disclosed is a nanocomposite embodiment wherein the elastomer is BIMSM and high aspect ratio, partially intercalated, partially exfoliated alpha-zirconium phosphate treated with amine or amide.