AMIDEASTAmerica-Mideast Educational and Training Services, Inc
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It's meant for those who wouldn't normally have access to training," says Allyson Jerab, adviser at CISCO Entrepreneur Institute at AMIDEAST.
This year's recipient of the Najeeb Halaby public service award was presented to former US Ambassador Ted Kattouf for his three decades in the Foreign Service and his decade-long leadership of AMIDEAST, one of America's largest NGO's serving the people of the Arab World.
At the end of the course students participated in a four week immersion study program conducted by AMIDEAST in Amman, Jordan.
He previously served as director of information technologies for AMIDEAST, INC, an international non-profit organization providing educational and training services and scholarship programs; and vice president at IMEX/OMNI Intl.
The Palestinian Center for Human Rights said the eight students were granted AMIDEAST scholarships, a program that educates talented teenagers from the Middle East and North Africa for a year in the U.
He also holds the Emirates Chair of the Contemporary Middle East Ahmed Naguib 33-year-old Advising and Exchanges Director for AMIDEAST in Cairo, and prominent mobiliser of youth in the Egyptian revolution of 2011 Chair Nik Gowing Main presenter, BBC World News Join the debate on Twitter #iq2rev Tickets: Free and only available to students.
Monday with the president of AMIDEAST Kuwait Theodore Kattouf and Regional
In a statement to Saba after a celebration organized Sunday by AMIDEAST Institute on the occasion of graduating a new batch of students, Feierstein added that there is a wide range of common interests between Yemen and the U.
The program is a joint project between the Directorate of Education in Aqaba, the Regional English Language Office at the American Embassy in Amman, AMIDEAST, and the United States Peace Corps.
The AMIDEAST has trained 30 teachers to teach English for the students.
Rugh, former ambassador to the UAE and former president of AMIDEAST
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