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AMIDSHIPSAutomated Merchant Identification Ship System
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It was when he was thus below that the cow grazed the schooner just for'ard of amidships on the port side, lashed out with her mighty tail as she sounded, and ripped clean away the chain plates and rail of the mizzen-shrouds.
Delivered squarely amidships, it was the hardest blow the Mary Turner had received.
Once I did succeed in outmanoeuvring Demetrios, so that my bow bumped into him amidships.
From somewhere amidships the silence was broken by a low whimpering from the cabin boy.
His voice was still ringing, and the men were just beginning to move in obedience, when the amidship deck of the Pyrenees, in a mass of flame and smoke, was flung upward into the sails and rigging, part of it remaining there and the rest falling into the sea.
The alternative restaurant is positioned, as on the Rotterdam, amidships on Promenade Deck (in space that on the "S"-Class ships houses a pair of meeting rooms) and is near a pair of HAL fixtures--the Wajang Theatre (top-run movies and fresh-made popcorn) and the Java Bar (complimentary specialty coffees and cookies).
But that won't prevent the prime minister being hit amidships by the likes of Birkenhead MP Frank Field.
According to McLeish, the goal went in off Ridgewell's "midriff" - and the scorer laughed sheepishly when asked to confirm that it had hit him amidships.
But, amidships, the most shattering blow to the region's appearance had been meted out a generation earlier, during the blitz.
Amidships, there is God: "He takes an overview," insists John.
As well as the 50cm stretch amidships, Jeep has also widened the body by 12.
Even in the closing overs, there was enough venom left in England's ranks for Harmison to 'box' Lee second ball by hitting him amidships with a sharp 88mph welcome to the war zone.