AMIEUAustralian Meat Industry Employees' Union
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The latter had developed its policy in conjunction with the AMIEU (Vic).
Critical knowledge of labour markets and work skills was disseminated through formal and informal networks and once again the AMIEU played a key role as an intermediary.
Following the intervention of the AMIEU and the employer body MLA, the state government supported a proposal to develop a quality training system for the abattoir sector and improve wages and conditions through the development of formal career paths based upon formal qualifications.
AMIEU (2005) Recruitment and retention of labour within the meat industry, Discussion paper commissioned by Graham Smith, State Secretary, AMIEU (SA), Adelaide.
2000) '"Dinosaurs are not dead": The AMIEU (Qld) and industrial relations change, Journal of Industrial Relations, 42(1), pp.
First, why did Victoria's meat industry employers fail through their combined industrial action, particularly after a single large employer had soundly defeated the AMIEU over similar issues only weeks earlier?
We focus, in particular, on how employers and their association and the AMIEU responded to two turning points in the Commission's formal decentralisation of bargaining under the Accord: its decisions in the March 1987 and October 1991 National Wage Cases (NWCs).
On 27 March 1987, the AMIEU gave the Commission a firm commitment that it would not pursue any extra claims after the application of the NWC provisions.
22) In this case, it took particularly sharp and personalised form as Wally Curran, a figure reviled in employer circles for his seemingly implacable militancy, led the Victorian AMIEU.
AMH management tackled the AMIEU first at its Fitzroy River plant in Rockhampton, Queensland before moving on to Portland.
It was clear that the Secretary of the AMIEU contemplated no further action on equal pay.
After her dismissal from the AMIEU D'Aprano sought work in union organising, for which she felt prepared; she thought herself by now very capable of making a difference in workers' lives.