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AMIKAkademi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (Indonesia)
AMIKAssociation of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo
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Because of the intensity of agricultural production, chemicals are used to control pests in citrus orchards in the Cukurova and Amik basins.
It is located along the western flanks of the Karasu Valley and the Amik basin, which has a width of approximately 30 km, and is filled with Plio-Quaternary sediments to create a thickness greater than 1000 m (Perincek and Eren, 1990).
According to Executive Director James Amik, "Most of our students are from the YK Delta and other regions of Alaska.
beesung amik ge sina go mikkong, mikkong e sina nenem.
"Whispers of the Ancients: Native Tales for Teaching & Healing in Our Time" is a triple award-winning, illuminated collection of many Native American wisdom-laden stories, some or most from the traditions of the Lake Superior Ojibwe traditions, also the indigenous culture of accomplished artist Moses (Amik) Beaver.
Two million decares of fields are twice the size of the Amik Plain, Ozer said.
The opposition, for its part, recorded unlikely victories in Jeb Jennine, Karoun, Mashghara, Saghbine, Kherbet Kanafar, and Amik.
For instance: Amik and Avlan Lakes; Kestel, Gavur, Yarma, Aynaz, Otamis and Esmekaya reed beds have completely lost their function today.
According to a Nepal News report, Amik Sherchan, chairman of the Committee for Protection of National Interest, was one of those making the claim.
Some researchers have found that women with lower self-esteem and lower levels of assertiveness are more likely to experience sexual coercion (Testa & Derman, 1999) while others have not found this association (Amik & Calhoun, 1987; Stets & Pirog-Good, 1987).
Amik Ciani looked as if he had something to offer County but his only real attempt at goal in the first half was an overhead kick that flew wide.