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AMIKAkademi Manajemen Informatika dan Komputer (Indonesia)
AMIKAssociation of Microfinance Institutions of Kosovo
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Because of the intensity of agricultural production, chemicals are used to control pests in citrus orchards in the Cukurova and Amik basins.
AMIK Oilfield Equipment & Rentals is a rising oil & gas services supplier with manufacturing and service centres situated in Lloydmister, Bonnyville and Edmonton, Alberta.
It is located along the western flanks of the Karasu Valley and the Amik basin, which has a width of approximately 30 km, and is filled with Plio-Quaternary sediments to create a thickness greater than 1000 m (Perincek and Eren, 1990).
However, as Amik adds, it is up to the graduates to do their part to prove themselves as worthy employees and grow in their skills as pilots with their continued experience.
You see, at that time there was no such thing--there was no distinction amongst the Indians, full-bloods or mixed-bloods; it is only within the last few years that that has come up" Amik answered.
According to a Nepal News report, Amik Sherchan, chairman of the Committee for Protection of National Interest, was one of those making the claim.
Amik Ciani looked as if he had something to offer County but his only real attempt at goal in the first half was an overhead kick that flew wide.
Alex Williams and Amik Chiani are in Ross County's squad against Queen of the South who have four men out and five doubtful.
Amik Sherchan, chairman of the leftist People's Front, was appointed the second deputy prime minister and given the health and population portfolio.
Yet somehow Rebecca and Laura, as limited as they are in education and experience, transcend the common culture and help to free Amik in the end.
A dynamic cast of young Cuban musicians, such as Ivan Bridon Napoles (piano/keyboards), Daniel Martinez Izquierdo (bass) and Amik Guerra (trumpet) jam like jackrabbits, chasing each other with state-of-the-art playing.
Age Sex infection test 1 (3) 19 mo M Cervical lymph No node 2 (4) 42 mo M Cervical lymph No node 3 (4) 33 mo M Cervical lymph No node 4 (2) 6 y F Cervical lymph ND node 5 (2) 4 y F Cervical lymph ND node 6 (2) 4 y M Cervical lymph ND node 7 (6) 3 y M Cervical lymph ND node 8 (17) 52 y F Synovial fluid inh R, rif R, str of wrist R, eth R, pza R, cys S 9 (8) 49 y M Blood, lung clm S, rib S 10 (1) 85 y F Thoracic No vertebrae 11 (2) 58 y M Lung ND 12 (2) 61 y F Lung ND 13 (2) 45 y M Hepatic ND nodular lesion 14 (Molteni) 70 y F Lung inh R, str R, rif R, amik R, km R, pza R, oflox R, clm S, eth S, cys S, ter S, rib S Patient no.