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AMIPAtmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
AMIPASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Maritime Improvement Program
AMIPAsset Management Implementation Plan (California)
AMIPArmy Model Improvement Program
AMIPAlliance of Medical Internet Professionals
AMIPArea Major Investigation Pool
AMIPATG Mobility Improvement Program
AMIPArmy Management Information Program
AMIPAircraft Modification and Integration Program
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AMIP currently holds no residential mortgages and expects to focus initially on evaluating possible acquisitions.
However, winter rainfall statistics derived from the CAM5 AMIP simulations indicate that the observed dryness was an extreme event when conditioned upon the particular global boundary forcing of strong El Nino (Fig.
To understand the AMIP results in the context of climate change, we compare CESM1 strong El Nino impacts on western U.
This is the first time that a major television convention is being held on the 12-km island, with the exception of AMIP in 1983 and 1984 At that time, former MIP-TV organizer Bernard Chevry and current MIP-TV president Xavier Roy recognized the potential of Miami Beach as a venue for a TV convention.
The CMIP5 archive also includes atmosphere-only simulations that prescribe observed SST (the so-called AMIP simulations).
In and around the smaller Atlantic basin, South America and Africa also compete for the precipitation, affecting the hemispheric distribution, evident in AMIP runs already (Siongco et al.
Hirst, 2011: Evaluation of rainfall drivers and teleconnections in an ACCESS AMIP run.
Po-Chedley and Fu (2012) conduct an analysis of the CM1P5 AMIP simulations, and it is noted that the HWG models participating in the CMIP5 AMIP experiments used a different SST dataset (HadlSST; Rayner et al.
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