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AMIPAtmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
AMIPASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) Maritime Improvement Program
AMIPArmy Model Improvement Program
AMIPAlliance of Medical Internet Professionals
AMIPArea Major Investigation Pool
AMIPArmy Management Information Program
AMIPATG Mobility Improvement Program
AMIPAircraft Modification and Integration Program
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AMIP currently holds no residential mortgages and expects to focus initially on evaluating possible acquisitions.
AMIP was formed to manage multiple investment funds focused on the acquisition and resolution of distressed residential mortgage assets in the United States.
The Company further stated that it expects AMIP to focus initially on evaluating possible acquisitions while it currently holds no residential mortgages.
We also expect that our participation in AMIP will help assure that single family homes we acquire through these alternative acquisition channels will meet our underwriting standards with respect to the quality of the product and expected financial returns.