AMIQAttitude to Mental Illness Questionnaire (assessment tool)
AMIQApparel Manufacturers Institute of Quebec (Canada)
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It is hypothesized that occupational therapy students will experience improved attitudes toward people living with auditory hallucinations, and mental illnesses more generally, as measured by the AMIQ, and will perceive the HVTAD simulation curriculum as an effective learning tool.
A modified version of the AMIQ was used at pre and postintervention to measure the students' attitudes toward patients with mental health disorders.
The students that chose to use the HVTAD simulation impairment and participate in the study completed a pretest AMIQ and returned it to one of the researchers prior to beginning the craft.
Due to abnormally distributed data for individual questions, a Wilcoxon signed ranks test was used to determine the change in preintervention and postintervention AMIQ scores for each individual question.
Table 5 similarly compares scores for each of the seven scenarios from the AMIQ. For each MANOVA test, differences in mean scores are considered significant at the p<.05 level after a Bonferroni adjustment for multiple comparisons.
Table 5 shows the results of a MANOVA test comparing mean AMIQ scores.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note that social work students did not feel more positively about the man with schizophrenia as measured by the AMIQ. This seems inconsistent with findings from the AQ-SF and may reflect differences in sensitivity or structure across the two scales.
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