AMISEAsymptotic Mean Integrated Squared Error
AMISEApproximate Mean Integrated Squared Error
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The general form of the rth derivatives of the AMISE with respect to b was studied in [25], considering that the unknown functions in (74) are also functions of the smoothing parameter.
The aim of derivation of the AMISE in (74) is to get the optimal bandwidth for each [f.sup.(r)] directly.
An optimal bandwidth that minimizes the AMISE of [??](z) can also be the one that is optimal for the estimation of the CCDF.
It's no coincidence that both Amises have produced a wealth of scathing essays and reviews, as well, from Kingsley's Who Killed Jane Austen?
Certainly, the lives of the two Amises diverge more than run parallel.
These censorious views, besides perhaps leading to a prematurely jaundiced eye, are the start of what most readers recognize as the Amises' hallmark, social satire.
The old guard, the Rushdies and the Amises and so on, are not producing their best work at the moment, but nevertheless, they remain preeminent on the basis of the work they've done before.
Rowling, Jamie Oliver, Salman Rushdie, the Amises father and son -- these are not so much the names of writers as the logos that enable brand recognition.
People who have seen these pictures alongside photographs of the Amises from that time have agreed these portraits could be of them.
Explain a nomenclature link between the writing Amises, father and son, and the 1930-60 editor of the New Statesman magazine.
The coincidental link is that the Amises, pere et fils, are Kingsley and Martin and the New Statesman's best-known editor was Kinglsey Martin (1897-1969) 9.
They would babysit for the Amises, and attended their parties.