AMISRAdvanced Modular Incoherent Scatter Radar
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The eight-panel AMISR prototype installation in Peru is located at the Jicamarca Radio Observatory.
Another eight-panel prototype of AMISR was deployed in Gakona, Alaska at the HAARP Observatory.
Because the AMISR system is configured in modules, the facility can be routinely relocated for studying upper atmospheric activity around the globe," said John Kelly, program director at SRI's Center for GeoSpace Studies.
The idea of AMISR was born 15 years ago when a group of scientists gathered at SRI's Menlo Park, California headquarters.
Mankind's increased reliance on space-based systems makes it imperative that we develop a better understanding of this highly complex and variable environment; AMISR is a key instrument to help us develop that understanding," Kelly, who will serve as project leader, continued.
When construction and initial testing is complete, AMISR will be available for use by the larger scientific community.