AMJAAssembly of Muslim Jurists in America (Folsom, CA)
AMJAAmerican Mah-Jongg Association (Baltimore, MD)
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The AMJA scholars then went back and deliberated, asked additional questions, and finally released a Fatwa in October of 2014.
Reiterating its earlier plea, AMJA said enumeration of voters should be done in the usual manner of door-to door visit and verification, and that it is unjust to issue media reports and advertisements calling upon the voters to come to the authorities on their own for inclusion in the voters' list.
The ''Times Now'' crew comprising Correspondent Vikram Gopinath and Camera person Manish Dhanani were released from ''illegal confinement'' after more than two hours following the intervention of journalists, including the AMJA members.
Those AMJA meetings were always interesting: lots of difference of opinions, arguments, etc.
Within a year, he was heading up Hawaii's Central YMCA Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, exercising himself, and reading with increasing interest the AMJA newsletters written by a certain California pathologist who vociferously prescribed distance running to treat heart disease.
AMJA put the walk with the talk and then had the idea to get cardiac patients running.
Even before AMJA expanded from its base in Van Nuys, CA, Ron saw the organization as multi-city.
Lawrence brought AMJA to Boston for the first time in 1971.
Even after AMJA changed its name to AMAA and merged with the American Running Association (ARA), Judi always headed east from California for the third Monday in April.
The availability of research subjects from the AMJA, the support provided by formal medical race coverage, and the growth of marathoning as a participation sport facilitated the 41 Boston medical studies (63% of total) from 1980 onward.
Before he was hooked up to an IV drip, an AMJA volunteer physician slipped off Alberto's wet race singlet and slid on his own dry tee, an AMJA t-shirt.
AMJA felt that the qualifying standards were too tough for the hectic, challenging schedules of the vast majority of physicians, but believed that participation at Boston would offer a clear benefit both to the race and to the doctors.