AMKEAmerican Kestrel (Falco sparverius, bird species)
AMKEAnime Milwaukee Convention (Wisconsin)
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The above AMKE protocols (HARN; LIN, 2001; LEE; WU, 2004; LEE et al., 2008; VO et al., 2010) are based on the traditional public key cryptography (PKC).
In the AMKE protocols [5][7][10][11], the number of randomly produced values by each user is 2.
Xerox has also offered to help organizations in achieving compatible implementations of the protocols and formats, and will amke technical consulting and certiciation services available later this year.
In accordance with the Birds and Burns Network protocols (2005) and time limitations, we did not follow the nests of some cavity nesters that were more common or whose populations are not a primary concern; those species included American Kestrels, (AMKE; Falco sparverius), Black-capped Chickadees (BCCH; Poecile atricapilla), and House Wrens (HOWR; Troglodytes aedon).