AML-M2acute myelogenous leukemia of the subgroup M2
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17 Additionally, AML-M2 has been reported to be the most frequent subtype from Japan,10 and as the second-most common subtype in many other countries.
Similarly, PAS staining (for cell surface glycoproteins)was performed for 42 AML patients and only 13 were found positive for PAS, which included 5 patients of AML-M1 and 3 of AML-M2.
Although it is more common in monocytic leukaemias, extramedullary infiltration is reported in AML-M2, especially those with translocation t (8;21).
AML-M2 was found to be the most common FAB subtype among AML in children and adults.
AML-M2 was the most frequent FAB AML subtype among both paediatric and adult age groups; diagnosed in 72 (41.
AML-M2 was the most frequent AML subtype among both adult and pediatric age groups in our study.
FAB AML-M2 is the most common subtype of acute myeloid leukaemia among children and adults in our population.
Remission was achieved in more than 50% of AML-M2 patients (52.
This aberration was uniformly distributed between FAB AML-M2 and M4.
74%) of our AML patients-one with AML-M2 and one with AML-M5.