AMLACAssociation of Medicine Lake Area Citizens (Plymouth, MN)
AMLACAnti-Money Laundering Audit and Compliance (forum)
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It is a puzzle why all the tell-tale signs were ignored by AMLAC when bank transactions and activities by the Aman group and other related companies are already swelling with red flag signals.
AMLAC, according to reports, had issued a freeze order on Aman Futures,
Escudero, chairman of the Senate committee on justice and human rights said had AMLAC had done its job, the effect of the scam would have been more manageable.
Escudero said the AMLAC has authority to freeze the principal accounts and other accounts within what is known as "web of accounts.
The AMLAC forum is the largest Anti Money Laundering event taking place in New York this year and addresses many of the new issues arising from the imminent enforcement of new USA Patriot Act on October 1st 2003.