AMLCAnti Money Laundering Council
AMLCAssociation of Marine Laboratories of the Caribbean
AMLCAustralian Meat and Livestock Corporation
AMLCAutomatic Maximum Level Control (IEEE)
AMLCAutologous Mixed Lymphocyte Culture (immunology)
AMLCAndrew Montgomerie Landscape Contractor (UK)
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The AMLC has not begun receiving reports from dealers in precious stones and metals despite their inclusion as covered entities in the 2013 AMLA amendments.
The court's special second division gave the AMLC five months to examine the deposits and submit its findings.
The AMLC will also scrutinise the accounts of former Napoles employee Benhur Luy, his mother Gertrudes and Arthur Luy, Merlina Sunas, Evelyn Ditchon De Leon, Marina Sula, Nova Kaye Dulay Batal, Ronald Lim and Simonette Briones.
77 million or about $443,000 per year for rental of its house file, through AMLC.
It also was alleged that Viguerie agreed on behalf of ATA to reimburse a Chapin charity called Conquer Cancer and Alzheimers Now (CCAN) for $500,000 for operational costs incurred during an ATA campaign, and another $50,000 to be reimbursed by AMLC.
The AMLC pointed out that all meat exported from Australia has been rigorously inspected.
The Australian beef industry's health and hygiene standards are as strict as any in the world and are recognized to be at least USDA equivalent," said Michael Hayward, AMLC group manager for the region of the Americas.
Harry Roque, counsel for the kin of journalists who died in the massacre, said "it's about time" AMLC froze the funds and suggested it may have acted too late.
AMLC has the ability to seize terrorist assets involved in money laundering on behalf of the Republic of the Philippines after a money laundering offense has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
The AMLA gives the AMLC the authority to seize assets involved in money laundering operations that may end up as forfeited property after conviction, even if it is a legitimate business.
Law 35 also grants the AMLC the right to exchange information with foreign entities that have a signed a letter of understanding with Yemen.
In 2005, the AMLC distributed an anti-money laundering procedural directory to all public and private financial institutions.