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AMLCDActive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
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American Panel supplies custom AMLCD products for aviation and rugged ground vehicle use.
When you play a fast video with an AMLCD screen, there is a blur.
With both standard and custom products, APC has become the new leading supplier of ruggedized AMLCD panels for aircraft and shipboard instruments, as well as specialized land-based vehicular applications, worldwide.
The AMLCD to be showcased at CEATEC Japan is made with three individual AMLCD panels in a 1 x 3 matrix that equates to a 37.
The agreement envisions delivery of production displays to Apple, first in limited quantities from OIS's new AMLCD facility currently under construction in southeastern Michigan.
Its product offerings include ruggedized CRT and AMLCD displays as well as complete projection systems utilizing VDC's Marquee(TM) line of projectors.
In nVIEW's case, the production of its AMLCD projection products was moved to Toronto.
Fluctuations in the value of the Japanese yen, as well as worldwide constraints in supplies of many components used to manufacture LCD projection products, particularly active-matrix LCDs, have caused nVIEW to re-evaluate its pricing structure for AMLCD products.
PARC's 13-inch diagonal monochrome AMLCD has a pixel format of 3,072 vertical columns by 2,048 horizontal rows, and offers approximately 20 times the pixel count of a typical 13-inch monochrome desktop computer display with a VGA pixel format of 640 by 480.
The Innovative Solutions' Cockpit Information Portal (Cockpit IP(TM)) consists of a pilot and copilot suite of high resolution multi-color AMLCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display) flat panel displays offering logistics savings, improved dispatch reliability, minimal retraining, weight and heat reduction and adaptability to future requirements.
Kopin's low-voltage (LV) architecture reduces AMLCD video levels by 50%, substantially reducing power consumption of the display system.