AMLEAssociation for Middle Level Education (Westerville, OH)
AMLEAcademy of Management Learning & Education
AMLEAccount Manager Learning Environment (Cisco training)
AMLEAbsolute Minimal Lipschitz Extension
AMLEAmmospiza Leconteii (Leconte's Sparrow)
AMLEAmmonia Level
AMLEApproximate Maximum Likelihood Estimator
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Although our middle level teacher preparation program emphasized the AMLE reform-oriented vision for middle schools, the student teachers in this study reported seeing very little evidence of the AMLE characteristics in their field placement classrooms.
And in terms of the AMLE concept there, it's just--sigh.
As they implemented the social action project, the student teachers' interactions with school faculty also revealed that some teachers were either unaware of or confused by some of the AMLE characteristics emphasized in our teacher education program.
In this article, we present a modified formulation of the AMLE objective function following an approach developed by Heald and Stark (2000), for the case in which measurement-noise variance is available but the process-disturbance intensity is not known.
In the following paragraphs we briefly review the AMLE algorithm.
The AMLE criterion in nonlinear problems generally produces inconsistent and biased parameter estimates but it may outperform ML in the overall mean squared error especially when a small number of measured data is used (Yeredor, 2000) and is much easier to formulate.
This study is aligned with the AMLE teacher preparation standards (2012) in that it employs both a field experience and reflections; however, this study differs from past research in a number of other ways.
This participant's sentiment is aligned with the AMLE standards.
The purpose of this study was to examine teachers who choose to and are able to implement the instruction principles advocated by AMLE and understand the factors related to their ability to implement those principles.
The first AMLE instruction principle is, "Students and teachers are engaged in active, purposeful learning" (NMSA, 2010, p.
We did not intend to argue the adequacy of the teacher role prescribed by AMLE, but rather, to examine how the teacher role is manifested during student teaching and how the process of transitioning "from clothing to skin" develops during student teaching.
Which AMLE beliefs are prominent in the interviews of the middle level student teachers?