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AMLRAuditory Midlatency Response
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Auditory Middle Latency Responses (AMLR): Objective test, in which bioelectrical responses captured by electrodes fixed in the right and left mastoid and in the forehead that occur between 10 and 80 ms after the auditory stimulus, characterized by negative peak (N) and positive peak (P) waves represented: Na, Pa, being Pa, more consistent and frequent, more suitable for diagnosis.
Finally, Table 5 shows the data from the collection of the Auditory Middle Latency Responses (AMLR).
It is emphasized that the analysis of the latency and amplitude of the AMLR is reliable and adequate to monitor the auditory rehabilitation, because there is a reliability in the records of these potentials.
Also the AEHC is reduced to 23 MJ/kg and AMLR is reduced to 0.031 g/s compared to 0.054 g/s for PS.
This is clearly confirmed by AMLR value recorded as 0.030 g/s.
Sample PC PC/3 wt% BTPP TTI (s) 58 54 PHRR (kW [m.sup.-2]) 356 9 196.4 THR (MJ [m.sup.-2]) 79.8 48.5 [t.sub.PHRR] (s) 166 74 ASEA ([m.sup.2] [kg.sup.-1]) 751.7 686.3 AMLR (g [s.sup.-1]) 0.093 0.055 Figure 4 shows that the heat release rate (HRR) of PC increased rapidly for the initial 100 s after which the rate of increase was somewhat slower.
Sample Before the test After the test TTI (s) 54 56 PHRIZ (kW [m.sup.-2] 196.4 210.2 THR (MJ [m.sup.-2] 48.5 49.6 [t.sub.PHRR] (s) 74 80 ASEA ([m.sup.2] [kg.sup.-1] 686.3 697.2 AMLR (g [s.sup.-1] 0.055 0.059 Table 6 lists the effect of the time on the mechanical properties of PC, PC/3 wt% BTPP, and PC/6 wt% BTPP.