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Iraq also should ensure adequate political and resource support for the FCTF and the AMLU to allow them to do their work effectively.
Also, rather than file STRs in accordance with the law, most banks either conduct internal investigations or contact the AMLU, which executes an account review to resolve any questionable transactions.
In money laundering related matters, Article 8 of the AML Law 4/2001 gives the AMLU a specific responsibility in the execution of foreign assistance requests that goes beyond cooperation at the FIU level.
The AMLU should maintain its efforts to obtain and solidify the necessary expertise to track suspicious transactions.
For example, when MSBs have suspicions about a person using their services, their practice has been to report it to the GID and not submit a STR to the AMLU.
The AMLU receives suspicious transaction reports (STRs) from banks and other financial institutions, investment houses, broker/dealers, moneychangers, insurance firms, real estate agents, gold dealers, financial intermediaries, and attorneys.