AMMCAutorité Marocaine des Marchés de Capitaux (French: Moroccan Capital Markets Authority; Morocco)
AMMCAlliance of Meeting Management Companies
AMMCAviation Machinist's Mate, Carburetor Mechanic (US Navy)
AMMCAssociation of American Medical Colleges
AMMCAsterisk Mobile Medical Center (auto racing health care)
AMMCUnited States Army Aviation Materiel Management Center
AMMCAdjusted Monthly Maintenance Charge
AMMCAmerican Mining Congress
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It will be recalled that AMMC management team had visited the national headquarters of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) twice for the continuation of the ongoing sensitization against pasting of posters in the City but none of the executive members was around to receive them.
The appeals court, in the decision written by Associate Justice Melchor Sadang, said AMMC was merely a prospective bidder, not a losing bidder because it failed to submit its proposal on time.
Earlier it was reported that in March 2014, AMMC completed construction of a cement plant in the Jizzakh region worth $114.
1 million to the AMMC for modernization of copper production in September.
Accounting for 20% of the country's gold production and 90% of its silver production, AMMC also announced an ambitious development program to increase production.
UBC, AMMC, Volume 45, File 45-12, minutes, Provincial Executive, C.
The risk of bacterial vaginosis was reduced by 40%, high-risk human papillomavirus was reduced by 28%, and trichomoniasis was reduced by 48% among the female partners of men with AMMC (31, 34).
We are looking forward to working with AMMC to provide the appropriate environmental solutions.
The TRHA, TR, AM, AMFM, and AMMC algorithms were the same as those used in the previous study in which the processed sounds were identified auditorily [31].
5 well (pmol) Krebs-Heinslet Buffer 50 mM 100 mM Pluronic F68 None None Substrate CEC AMMC Concentration 25 mM 1.
The other foreign mining companies) with which Aneka Tambang cooperates are BHP (which deals in the mining and processing of nickel ores on Gag Island), QNI (which deals in the mining and processing of nickel ores on Halmahera Island), and AMMC (which deals in the mining of alluvial diamond in Central Kalimantan).
1 million tonnes for 2Q 2011, primarily due to higher production in Liberia and AMMC.