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AMMIAmerican Museum of the Moving Image
AMMIAssociation of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (Canada)
AMMIAdvanced Man-Machine Interface (computer science)
AMMIAmerican Merchant Marine Institute
AMMIAmerican Motorcycle Manufacturing Inc.
AMMIAlliance Maintenance & Management, Inc (Shirley, NY)
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El modelo AMMI ha mostrado ser efectivo en el analisis de ensayos multirregionales, ya que captura una gran proporcion de la suma de cuadrados de la I G*A, separando en forma precisa los efectos principales de aquellos correspondientes a la interaccion (Gauch 1992).
Moulay Rchid Sidi Ammi and Olena Mul Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal; sidiammi@mat.
Chronic lesions in geese photosensitized by Ammi majus.
Keep ammi out of grazing pastures because animals that consume furocoumarins--present in the seeds and other plant parts of ammi--become hypersensitive to light and can suffer severe sunburns.
Nyman, chewings rescue]}, with the aims of (i) assessing the extent of crossover GL interaction and its implications on cultivar recommendation and selection strategies; (ii) comparing AMMI vs.
Second row: Compact white cosmos are flanked by chartreuse bells-of-Ireland backed by white Ammi majus, sometimes called bishop's lace.
Locally launched about six months ago and rapidly growing, AMMI is an unusual entity.
The narration is that of a child of ten, and Ammi succeeds fully in imitating a child's speech.
3) Similarly, the novel focuses on the misguided hope of Ammi (Masroor's mother) that her city, Lucknow, will somehow resist communalist interpellations.
Foregoing "commodity" cards, AMMI makes only high-tech cards that contain microprocessors and radio-frequency antennas for "contactless" reading.
With over 140 pages this catalogue makes a good reference book with lots of plants you'll want to look up for more information such as Ammi, which is sometimes known as the Bishops Flower and used by flower arrangers.