AMMIQAssociation des Médecins Microbiologistes Infectiologues du Québec (Quebec, Canada)
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Sometimes, in place of the criticism, the first-class daily gives you what it thinks is a gay and chipper essay--about ancient Grecian funeral customs, or the ancient Egyptian method of tarring a mummy, or the reasons for believing that some of the peoples who existed before the flood did not approve of cats.
Casaubon apparently did not care about building cottages, and diverted the talk to the extremely narrow accommodation which was to be had in the dwellings of the ancient Egyptians, as if to check a too high standard.
AMMIQ, Lebanon: A countryside view unhindered by manmade structures is a rarity in Lebanon, but at the Ammiq Wetlands on the green and yellow patchwork planes of the West Bekaa you'll encounter this unusual sight.