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AMMISAutomated Materiel Management Information System
AMMISAviation Maintenance Management Information System
AMMISAircraft Maintenance Manpower Information System
AMMISAircraft Maintenance Management Information System
AMMISArmy Micrographics Management Information System
AMMISAutomated Manpower Management Information System
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This remarkable text, identified in the 1920s by the Jesuit Franz Kugler, contains data on first and last visibilities of Venus during a 21-year period that is believed to involve the reign of King Ammis.aduqa, who governed a little over a century after the famous Babylonian king Hammurabi.
Next, the Venus Tablet allowed us to link the reign of Ammis.aduqa and the 8-year cycle of Venus.
2018 Year 1 of King Ur-Nammu, founder of Third Dynasty of Ur 1954 June 27th eclipse (Tablets 20 & 21 of Enu-ma Anu Enlil) 1953 Death of King Sulgi 1912 March 16th eclipse (Tablets 20 & 21 of Enu-ma Anu Enlil) 1911 Fall of Ur; end of reign of King Ibbi-Sin 1798 Year 1 of King Sumuabum, founder of the First Dynasty of Babylon 1696 Year 1 of King Hammurabi 1651 Fall of Babylon ("High Chronology") 1595 Fall of Babylon ("Middle Chronology") 1550 Year 1 of King Ammis.aduqa 1531 Fall of Babylon ("Low Chronology") 1499 Fall of Babylon (this article); end of reign of King Samsuditana 1496 Resettlement of Babylon 1459 May 16th eclipse (Tell Muh.ammad Tablets)