AMMLAcute Myelomonocytic Leukemia
AMMLAlpha Medical Manufacturers Ltd. (Nairobi, Kenya)
AMMLAmar Mahal Museum and Library (India)
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The AMML offers twenty workstations and study carrels in its Information Commons, with wireless connectivity throughout the building.
The continuous positive feedback from the numerous visitors to the AMML provides proud moments for all those involved in its creation.
Previously, Astragalus mongholicus lectin (AMML) was purified to homogeneity using a complex procedure that entailed ammonium sulfate fraction and ion-exchange chromatographies (Yan et al.
Characteristics of a lectin (AMML) from Astragalus mongholicus (Yan et al.
Extraction and purification of Astragalus mongholicus Bunge lectin (AMML)
Different concentrations (0-80 [micro]g/ml) of AMML were added to the wells, and the cells were grown at 37 [degrees]C for 48 h.
Exponentially growing HeLa cells (1 x [10.sup.5] cells/ml) were incubated for 48 h with 40 [micro]g/ml of AMML. Apoptotic nuclear morphology was visualized by DAPI staining technique.
After 24 h of incubation, exponentially growing HeLa cells (1 x [10.sup.5]) 20 and 40 [micro]g/ml of AMML was added and incubated further for 12-24 h.
Purification of AMML by affinity chromatography on ConA Sepharose 4B
Lectin (AMML) extracted from the roots of Astragalus mongholicus was purified to almost homogeneity by affinity chromatography using ConA Sepharose 4B (Fig.
Summary of purification steps for AMML. Purification step Total Total Specific hemaglutinating protein (mg) activity activity (HU (a)) (HU/mg) Crude extract 8000 198 40.4 Ammonium sulfate 6562 97.2 67.5 precipitation (40-60%) ConA-Sepharose 4B 3865 7.5 515.3 Purification step Purification folds Recovery of activity (%) Crude extract 1 100 Ammonium sulfate 1.67 82.0 precipitation (40-60%) ConA-Sepharose 4B 12.8 48.3 (a) HU, hemaglutinating unit, i.e.
The antiproliferative effect of AMML against HeLa, K562 and MG63 cell lines is shown in Fig.