AMMOPAlaska Marine Mammal Observer Program (US NOAA)
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Of the salmon gillnet fisheries that have been listed as Category II fisheries in Alaska, eight have been observed by the AMMOP since its establishment in 1990: the Prince William Sound drift and set gillnet fisheries (1990-91, the set gillnet fishery was reclassified from Category II to Category III in the 1996 List of Fisheries), the Alaska Peninsula drift gillnet fishery (1990), the Cook Inlet drift and set gillnet fisheries (1999-2000), the Kodiak set gillnet fishery (2002 and 2005), the Yakutat set gillnet fishery (2007-09), and southeast Alaska drift gillnet (2012 and 2013).
After 1991 a lack of available funding and dedicated personnel led to an interruption in the AMMOP. Logbook (1990 through 1993) and fishermen self-reporting (1995 to the present) programs were established as an attempt to estimate fishery-related mortality.
Because adequate funding to conduct observations is not available every year, the AMMOP, based in the NMFS Alaska Regional Office, adds funding to existing contracts until sufficient funding has been compiled to conduct observations.